1 year to 3.5 years old

All of our teachers are certified with the state requirements of early education. We take pride in building the academic foundation for your child’s bright future. We offer a safe and secure environment that requires a private code to enter the center. Monthly lesson plans are devised using the Creative Curriculum component. In addition we use the state approved assessment tool provided by teaching strategies gold. ​​​

Toddler 1: (12 – 24 months)

This classroom is designed for our younger toddlers aging from  12 to 24 months. By having this age range we are able to determine the right classroom for your child depending on their development. The Toddler one class transitions  young toddlers from two naps a day into one nap a day. They learn to sleep on a cot instead of a crib. This classroom is also set up to help your child learn to sit and do activities and feedings at the table rather than in a high chair. This is also where they learn the basics of structure in classroom environment: Circle time, small group activities, outside time, meal time, nap time. Sign language and Spanish is also used in this classroom.​

Toddler 2: (2 years to 3.5 years)

This classroom is licensed for children 2 years old to 3.5 years old. This classroom focuses on potty training and other self help skills. The classroom has a routine that helps children gain a sense of security in their environment. Introduction of Mathematics, Science, Reading, Literacy, Art, Spanish, and Music are all added in their daily curriculum


I have been working in the Growing Minds Learning Academy for one year. It is a wonderful institution where children learn many other aspects of education like music, yoga for a peaceful and quiet mind, another language Spanish, soccer for a healthy body . They learn their appropriate age group education. I see happy and healthy children over here. – Miranda Y.